Akhter's Pigments & Pixels

Akhter's Pigments & Pixels

Akhter's Pigments & Pixels

The Artist

  Creativity has been an uncontrolled neurotic urge right from the beginning and to me, art is for art’s sake. Dr. Akhter.

The neurotic urge as well as the philosophy that art is for art’s sake have been the motif that have shaped Dr. Akhter’s artistic persona and art life. This perhaps best explains both the prolific repertoire of work he has amassed over a life time but at the same time the stark absence of him from the commercial circuit of the art world. The sheer breadth, complexity, finesse and extraordinary caliber of his art works should have undoubtedly made him a widely recognized artist on the global stage.He may not escape being discovered, now.

Art is a selective recreation of reality. Its purpose is to concretize an abstraction, which elicits an emotional response to the observer.Dr.Akhter never tires to mention that the Creator is the greatest artist. One of his oft-repeated comments is ‘learn from nature’. His observation of everything around him is an unceasing activity. His inquisitiveness is inexorable. His creative force engulfs his observations and inquisitiveness, churns through his creative processes of either painting, photography, digital pixelography or many a times an amalgam of these different techniques. Sculpting or embedding three dimensional objects are embellishments seen in many of his art works. The end result is always, scintillating.

Today I use the combination of the best of the 3 worlds, the photography, digital technology and the traditional paints. There is great synergy around here. Many a times, my art starts with pixels for there is enormous freedom pixels have over pigments before it gets printed on the canvas.

Dr. Akhter. An intrepid explorer of various art forms and techniques, a prodigious talent, a prolific producer of artworks completely unfettered by notions, his works showcase innovative techniques and end up with such an originally different output that he may very well spawn a new category of artworks.

The Academic, The Teacher

Dr.Akhter is an highly accomplished academician.

The Creative Vagabond

Curiosity, Creativity, Radical Rethinking...

The Clinician

Dentofacial orthopedics.....


See the world through Akhter's Artworks's lens with their stunning photography. These artworks celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet.